fix Google Chrome Crash

There were certain tips which I used but nothing worked for me. I was about to end my quest but then I decided to fix this strange crash through another approach which I will share with you here.

–I suspected some virus activity. Conducted a virus scan. Found nothing.
–Ran free utility cleaner scan but unfortunately with no fix.
–I disabled the Adobe Shockwave Flash plugin. Removed the Flash player from my computer and then reinstalled it again.
–I updated my sound card drivers which often become the cause of Flash player crashing.
–At last I ran scan through another registry cleaner to fix and repair registry. The software that I used also contained features such as Registry defrag, system cleaner, browser cleaner and the services optimizer. These features were of great use.

Amazingly this worked for me and my Google Chrome returned to life in minutes.

I could not believe that to fix Google Chrome Crash I just needed to repair my Windows registry as sometimes some files do not open properly because the file association errors do occur and corrupt registry.

The above guidelines allow you to take measures to fix Chrome Crash and bring it back to life.

This is the most innovative web browser so far with a passionate team behind it. According to the statistic, this browser ranks third. Internet Explorer 8 is still the popular web browser all over the world, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 is the second, followed tightly by Google Chrome.

Someday Google Chrome will surpass Firefox in usage statistic. Right now this browser does not has much extension while Firefox has thousands of additional add-on waiting to be found, tested and used from their online databank.

Chrome’s skin is simple, prefers minimalist design as it appear because it loves speed more than the beauty. However, Google prepares 94 artist theme to customize Chrome’s look and feel just in case you want to try something different.

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