Health, Time & Money

It’s very easy with the upset or letdown of the economy for one to be very distracted from why 3 basic principles of life matter to us.

You see, when we go to work every day, maybe at a dead end J O B or at our dream career, it is easy to forget and get side tracked as COVID-19 to why we really go to work. Or if you are in college, grad school, or any type of educational program it is sometimes easy to lose focus and get involved in other matters or too involved into what we are already doing. Hence forgetting why we were doing it in the first place.

You pay bills in order to live comfortable or in order to live better. Whenever you start LIVING to pay bills then you’re doing the right things for the wrong reason. Hence this article’s purpose is just to highlight very quickly 3 fundamental aspects to everyday living. There are lots more out there but I decided to pick these three. Health, Time & Money.

Money: We work, offer value, service or products of every kind in order to make money or income. Sometimes income could be receiving goods instead. Could be me cleaning your house every day so you can fill up my car with gas every week. Money in this case to me is the gasoline you provide. Now, if I had everything I need in the world, then having cash or paper money (in any currency) is of really not much worth to me. Just real quick, Isaac Newton, one of my favorite scientists, when he was redoing the economic system for England he brought up the idea that England switch from coins (the coinage) to paper money. That idea was not well received because it was very foreign. Many types of council convened in order to find out if this was really the best solution to England’s dwindling economy. Isaac Newton (and this always hits me when I think of it) said, to culminate all thoughts and questioning, that “Mere opinion is what will give MONEY its value.” Think of it, mere opinion is what gives money its value. And that’s the opinion that England instilled in its citizens and came out on top over every nation during that time. Isaac Newton did a lot more than invent Calculus, and Laws of Motion.

Now think to yourself, what value have you put on money? Have you given money more value in your life than it should have? Is your quest for more money overruling the things that should really matter ex family, children, or even your happiness? Money is not, and cannot be your key to long term happiness, joy, or fulfillment.

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