Insta Fairness Myth or Reality

People in India are flag bearers of fairness solutions. We are so obsessed with the whole concept of white skin despite having brown roots, it is almost paradoxical.

Thanks to the cosmetics industry, the standards of beauty are set so high by the fairness creams, giving the rise to multi-million dollar market globally.

We as a society need to understand that our skin complexion comes from a genetic lineage and no matter how many creams will put, you cannot generate fairness external using a cream. More often than not the whole Insta fairness myth carries negative impacts rather than positive impacts.

Skin Cancer

Yes, let’s begin with the worst-case scenario here. If you still are unaware of it, fairness creams can cause skin cancer in the long run. The formulation of fairness creams included cancerous elements.

It damages the skin slowly and rather than propagating the positive impacts, drastically affects the skin quality.


Excessive use of fairness creams can also make the skin more sensitive towards the sun. The creams make the skin more thin and prone to damage if used excessively for a longer period.

Especially, when it comes to the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and other light sources, the creams cause sunburn, itchiness, and rashes. This is called photosensitivity.


Apart from the long term problems, fairness creams also have a short term disadvantage including severe allergies, acne, irritation, and more. Fairness creams usually contain ingredients like steroids, kojic acid, mercury, hydroquinone, etc. All these ingredients can gradually degrade the skin quality.


It is high time we accept our skins and own up to them, instead of falling for all the false claims made by the beauty industry today.  To know more about how to save yourself from the harmful beauty trends, check out Cosmetics Arena.

A revolution is rising against the color discrimination today. One of the major industries has dropped the word “fair” from its packaging as well. Sooner or later, the whole concept of fairness and brightness will change too.



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