intage cars delivery from the USA

The clutch slave cylinder was leaking, so that too headed for the recycling bin. Smaller items such as brake cylinders and engine gaskets where all replaced. Some items were replaced because they absolutely needed it and some as a good measure, like brake pads, because it was easier to do it while disassembled, rather than dismantle it again later.

The gearshift linkage required some attention. When the car arrived, one of the first things I noticed was that the gear shifter was very loose and wobbled in every gear. The shift throw on  Vintage cars delivery from the USA  the 2002tii is long, but this one made constant gear-changing an unpleasant chore. I discovered that all of the bushings, sleeves and linkages were mostly worn or gone completely. Once replaced, it shifted smoothly through all four gears and as tightly as it would have from the factory floor.

The interior of the car was in remarkable condition. Even the 2002tii tell-tale dashboard clock was present and in working order. Some cleaning and one welding job for a seat bracket was all that it required.

I completely stripped the vehicle of all chrome: lights, grills, bumpers, etc. All of these were in excellent condition and were now going to be stored safely away over the winter, as this was the best time to complete the body restoration.

There were the obvious rust areas, like the outer rocker panels along with the two rear fenders and the right front fender, but inner rocker sills also looked suspicious. As the old front fenders were removed, reality set in. I discovered what everyone attempting a project like this fears: more rust than anticipated. The entire right pillar between fender and door hinge was almost nothing but rust. It had to be completely rebuilt by grinding and welding in a new piece.

The vehicle was completely stripped of old paint. Rear outer fenders were tin filled and new front fenders were installed. Some very minor bodywork to rectify a dent or two and it was ready for skim coat and sanding – Lots of sanding!

The doors, trunk lid and engine hood were removed and painted separately. The rest was painstakingly papered, taped and readied for the paint booth. Then it was into the paint booth for six coats of original paint and three coats of clear coat. After that, the vehicle looked like it belonged back in the show room (minus doors, chrome, lights, bumpers etc.).

Then, very carefully, it was a pain staking effort to re-install all the chrome: lights, grills, and bumpers that had to be re-attached. With almost everything mechanical fixed, it drove as I remembered it, back in the 70s. I was finally ready to show this vintage 1972 BMW 2002tii to anyone willing to look. The car became everything I dreamed it would be. So my passion had been satisfied. I had the vintage BMW 202tii the way I wanted it.

It was getting behind the wheel of a 1972 BMW 2002tii that confirmed my thinking. It felt much more smooth and faster than the other cars I had driven. Please visit to read about the next project I am undertaking to complete. The building of a replica Fossmobile, the first gasoline powered car build in Canada in 1897 – My grandfather’s invention.

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