Precisely what is an Elysium Ring?

An Elysium Ring is a ring produced from real crushed diamonds which have been engineered into an extremely tough, scratch-resistant black good diamond material. By means of this revolutionary method, the diamond crystals are fuzed alongside one another below Severe heat and tension and pressed so tightly that light are not able to pass through, providing Elysium its signature black coloration. Why the hype all around Elysium? Given that its inception, Elysium has long been identified for a breakthrough product, surpassing almost all other supplies Formerly used in jewelry as quite possibly the most strong and hypoallergenic.
Fun Simple fact! Elysium is so biocompatible and hypoallergenic that it’s got even been employed within the human entire body to recover spinal wire injuries!

How is surely an Elysium Ring Built?

Elysium Black Diamond provides a hardness of 10 over the Mohs Hardness Scale, meaning it could possibly only be Slice using a laser, electrical power, or Yet another diamond. Hence, each Elysium Ring is essentially handcrafted, guaranteeing which the Elysium material and also other important metals or diamonds (if applicable) are seamlessly made to the highest quality criteria.
Each individual Elysium Ring is personalized created for its proprietor; most consider two months in the time of buying to produce but Elysium Wedding Bands with inlays or custom made Elysium Rings usually takes as much as four weeks. This fragile system means that Every Elysium Ring is a person-of-a-type, marked by its very own one of a kind serial quantity that can be verified about the Elysium Black Diamond Site.

Elysium Rings Pluses and minuses

Elysium Guys’s Rings are deemed the final word in luxurious marriage ceremony bands – an icon of status for its wearer.trufacebygrace
An Elysium Ring is extremely strong and scratch resistant – it might only be scratched by One more diamond and maintains its end without fading. Meaning that the Elysium Ring will appear as new to the one,000th working day of donning it since it did within the 1st! Its hardness of ten within the Mohs Hardness Scale signifies it is actually 10 instances more powerful than Ceramic and 4 times more durable than Tungsten (a material classically considered as a durable option for wedding bands).

Acquiring Your Elysium Ring at Brilliance

Your Elysium marriage band is produced from diamonds, the toughest materials on this planet, making resizing or altering the ring impossible. Elysium rings are offered by using a one-time size exchange – Take into account that The brand new ring will have a brand new serial range.fair trade beads

Elysium is offered by exclusive suppliers which includes Brilliance inside the US, Canada, along with the UK. Your order of an Elysium band comes with a confined-lifetime manufacturer warranty versus defects.
The foremost reservation about an Elysium Ring is its cost tag which reflects the preciousness of reliable diamond content. It is possible to anticipate to pay for involving $one,five hundred-$eight,000 for an Elysium ring depending upon the other components employed and the level of detail. Elysium Black Diamond presents many collections – Ares, Nyx, Kratos, Poseidon, and Zeus – presenting an Elysium Ring selection for nearly any finances.

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